""My relationship with Pavement is a lasting one...It's not just about finding a job, it's about building a career and a life to go with it. The people at Pavement really understand that, and are always there with advise and guidance every step of the way"
GWEN FREY, Business Development Manager, BEAMTV.
"Over the years, Pavement has been a strategic partner for Flying Machine, providing us with great talent, effective marketing services and solid business advice."
Micha Riss, Creative Director / Owner, FLYING MACHINE, NY
"Pavement has provided us with in-depth insight on how to structure our business while also finding us great talent and support staff. Their services have been an instrumental part of Nice Shoes, growth over the last 7 years... Hey guys, thanks for the great work."
Dominic Pandolfino, Owner, NICE SHOES, NY
"Pavement's experience, energy and enthusiasm have inspired me to focus on the right way to grow my business. Discovering Pavement will always remain as one of the most significant events in the history and success of Bionic."
Steve Beal, Owner, BIONIC, NY
"Pavement really understands how to bring like-minded people together where the best possibilities exist."
Charlie Curran, Executive Producer/President, NOLA PICTURES, NY
"The staff at Pavement understands our industry and over the years has built up a great deal of trust and goodwill within our industry. I look forward to working with them in staffing all of our growth."
Rob Ortiz, Owner/ Managing Director, DEFINITION 6, NY
"Pavement has been a valuable partner of ours for years. They consistently introduce us to the best and brightest in the industry. I highly recommend their services to any business owner looking to expand and grow their creative team.
Jeremy Lasky, Owner PERCEPTION
"Pavement was a quick and painless way to finding a fantastic company and position - who could ask for anything more!! "

Sophie Edwards, Producer, PS 260, NY
"From my initial call from Pavement, to the signing of my contract, Pavement was there for me. Not only as an incredible support system, but as my first advocate with regards to my career path. It’s a rare thing to be recognized for your talent and efforts and to be encouraged to follow your dreams. Pavement was pivotal in these steps and I'm grateful for their extra set eyes and continuing friendship."

Lisa Kwon, Design Director, CREATIVE BUBBLE, NY
"The staff of Pavement goes above and beyond to make artists feel comfortable in what is usually a hectic situa- tion. I really appreciate their personal attention and discretion. They have the ability to match artists with the right companies, and stay with you for the entire process. I don't plan on having to use their service anytime soon, but when I do need them, they will be my first call."

Kevin Quinlan, Sr. Flame Artist / SFX Supervisor, CREATIVE BUBBLE, NY
"Rick Cordero and the folks at Pavement did more than find me a job. They formed a working partnership with me, taking the time to discover what my capabilities are. Ultimately they paired me with the right opportunity and the best possible career move."

Linda Powledge, Executive Producer, FREESTYLE COLLECTIVE, NY
"I trusted Pavement enough to move my family from Los Angeles to New York. Their commitment and honesty are remarkable."

Juan Delcan, Director, CLICK 3X, NY
"Pavement has changed how I look at my career and the companies I work for. Changing companies is stressful enough. From consultation to signing on the dotted line, Pavement helped me throughout the entire process."

Steve Tozzi, Creative Director